Can you play at an Online Casino in India?

Online Casino in India Online Casino in India

Playing casino games has always been a haven to many in India despite the huge societal and religious beliefs of Indians. Casinos in India provide an array of exciting and profitable games like Indian rummy, poker online roulette bingo, and keno.

However, the laws guiding casino gambling are a little obscure which confuses many bettors who wish to bet online. This guide hopes to provide some valuable information about betting at Indian casino sites, the types of games offered, the legality of betting online, and the best gambling websites in India.

Gambling laws affecting betting in India

The legal issues surrounding online betting and casinos have been a worrying issue to many who want to stake online. These laws are not clear to many new gamblers who seek to be entertained and make real money. Gambling laws in India were first initiated in 1867, with the wagering act of 1867 which allows all gambling legal to be under the federal government but gives each region constitutional powers to create betting laws which it deems follows for its citizens. This law didn't mention anything about internet gambling as nothing of such existed then.

Then came, the 1976 act of the states Goa, Daman, and Diu which they enacted to guide wagering in their jurisdiction. This was done by lawmakers in these regions to generate some form of local revenues to the state coffers. This law, however, separated chance games from skill games. Some skill casino games were allowed with proper regulation while all forms of chance games were banned.

In 2000, during the year of the internet explosion, the Indian government came up with the IT law of 2000 with which every transaction online was monitored by the Indian Bureau. This law never forbade online casino gambling but wants all online transactions regulated and acquire casino licenses. Such permits can be acquired from top regulators like Malta Gaming authority. People in India don't have to be worried about visiting an online casino in India. While there isn't any law allowing it, none bans it.

However, players from India need to be of age, bet responsibly, look out for the list of the best online casino sites and a stake in reputable one.

What Indian players need to know before gambling on online casinos

With the flexibility of betting laws in India, players need to consider certain factors before wagering on online casinos.

Payment methods

There are numerous banking options good online casinos should use. These payment options include Paytm, Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards. Using these different payment methods provides safe banking for Indians.

Provision of many casino games

A reputable online casino should offer many games so that their customers can have options when staking. Online casino games which many casinos should offer include Keno, crap, live games, and online roulette.

Swift customer support

The intermediary between a casino player and bookie is customer care personal. Getting a good and respectful customer service agent is a good criterion to check when registering with an Indian casino. Also, these agents should be accessible 24/7 and on most social networks.

Mouth-watering bonuses

Bonuses are offers and incentives which encourages many players to patronize bookmakers in India. Getting an appropriate casino with excellent bonuses is good. Some bonuses that these casinos offer are free spins, deposit bonuses, and no deposit bonuses.

Highly secure

Security is very good and should be given high consideration. Only use reliable websites with 128-bit algorithms and those that don't share personal data with others.

Casino games are available at online casinos

There are many games available at online casinos in India, some include

Online blackjack

This casino game is mainly about card games and how you get to beat the house. About seven gamblers must work together to defeat the online dealer. The main aim is for players' total sum to reach around twenty-one. Any blackjack players must be wary not to get a card over twenty-one or else they bust.

Also, while it is better to have low cards, however, this gives the house an advantage target 21. It is a mixture of skill and chance games that everyone must-have.


Crap is more or less a die game. There is apparently no skill in this game, it is highly volatile. However, players with luck have a chance to win huge winnings. The aim is to have an aggregate roll more than the other players or house. Rolling a six is ​​hugely advised.

Online roulette

This is an amazing game in India and other European countries. The aim is to win based on a color or number predicted. It has a combination of a wheel and rows numbering 0 to 36, or sometimes 37. The house croupier is in charge of spinning the wheel which will slowly land any number.

Live games

This type of game is provided for any of the prominent casino games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. This is more or less a remote game showing with many people watching live from many locations.

Online casinos in India to patronize

There are a plethora of online casino in India with excellent betting services which players from India can use. Here are the names of the best online casino india sites right now, according to

  • Pure casino

Pure casino is a good operator of betting services in India. They have very big bonuses which include 1,000 rupees and about 200 free spins. Their bonuses include loyalty rewards, free rolls, and no deposit bonuses. Their customer services are good and attentive.

  • Leo vegas

Leovegas is a betting operator with some experience in wagering services to Indian players. On this platform, you get many payment methods which include wire transfer, MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. Registration is simple and quick within two minutes. When we talk about security, Leo vegas is highly reliable and one of the best betting sites in India.

  • 10 cric

This is a foreign wagering platform with good gambling options. What attracts players in India to this platform is their fast withdrawals and quick crediting options. Also, they allow players to bet in rupees as well as other currencies. In 10 cric online casino, you will see various slot games made by renowned developers like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming.

  • Genesis

Genesis Casino offers excellent casino games to Indians. Some games they provide include baccarat, poker, live games, roulette, and lotteries. They also have a betting app that allows many customers to browse easily. Their UX design is good and allows smooth browsing and access to their site.

Bettors can play at an online casino without any hindrances if they want. There are no legal impediments baring gambling online in India. These best online casinos in india are reliable and accept players from all parts of the country.